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Are you searching for cheap car rental deals Costa Rica? If so, you’ve come to the right place. 

At Adobe Rent a Car we combine the country’s best cars with affordable rates. And we promise no hidden fees – ever! We’re a 100% Costa Rica owned and operated car rental company and we know the country inside and out. 

Our knowledgeable bilingual staff can even help you plan your trip according to the amount of time you have. Before you make your reservation, send us an email with the number of people in your group and the places you want to visit in Costa Rica. 

We’ll send you a reply with recommendations on what vehicle model best matches your Costa Rica vacation plans.

Best car rental deals in Costa Rica

Make sure to compare rental car options before making a decision. Some Costa Rica car rental agencies are known for scamming clients. Undisclosed hidden fees can make a big dent in a person’s vacation budget.

At Adobe, you will always know what you’re being charged and why. Your satisfaction is our objective. And we have the return clientele to prove it.

Be wary of posted rates that look too good to be true. They are. 

Costa Rican law requires all car rentals to include mandatory third-party liability insurance. The fee varies depending on the type of car you rent and the time of year.  Third-party coverage is charged as a daily rate and is non-negotiable. 

Are you wondering how much does it cost to rent a car in Costa Rica? Send us an email and we’ll provide you with a detailed quote for the car of your choosing.}

Why choose Adobe Rent a Car over other vehicle rental companies?

Adobe may not be the cheapest option on the market. But it certainly is the best. Below are just a few of the reasons why choosing Adobe is the smartest choice for your vacation in Costa Rica.

  • Adobe has 14 full-service offices strategically positioned across the country.
  • Our largest offices are close to both of Costa Rica’s international airports and downtown San Jose.
  • Renting a car will save you considerable time over other forms of public transport.
  • All of our rental vehicles are less than two years old and expertly maintained. 
  • We have the largest fleet of vehicle makes and models. Choose from mini sedans and economy SUVs to premium SUVs and 4×4 pickup trucks – and everything in between. 
  • Our extended insurance coverage includes 24/7 roadside assistance and tow truck service.
  • We offer short, medium, and long term rental packages.
  • We offer several corporate rental incentives.
  • We support sustainable development on many levels. These include setting and meeting lofty social and environmental goals with our employees and local communities.
  • Adobe Rent a Car is a Carbon Neutral Company. We are also certified as a Sustainable Tourism company and belong to the Blue Flag Ecological Program.

Best value renting a car, Costa Rica

Are you looking for the most affordable rental car in Costa Rica? If so, there are a couple of tricks to ensure you get the best deal for your budget.

Visit Costa Rica outside of the peak tourist season. December through March and July are the busiest months for car rental agencies. This is when rentals are most expensive. 

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is the most costly. Finding a rental car on short notice may be difficult or impossible.

The cheapest time to rent a car in Costa Rica is in June, September, or October during the rainy season.  

Choose the most economical model to match your group size. 

If you’re planning on visiting the most popular Costa Rica destinations you don’t need a 4×4 vehicle. A sedan should work just fine and the price tag is significantly lower. For example, La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano are easily reached in a sedan.

If you visit off the beaten path destinations a 4WD or SUV are the best choice. The added power and lift will come in handy when tackling difficult terrain. 

Our most affordable and popular 4×4 cars are the Economy SUV Suzuki Jimny for up to two passengers or the 4WD Suzuki Vitara for three passengers. 

Choose a car like the Economy Geely GX3 Crossover 2WD if you want the feel of a 4WD SUV at a lower price point.

Important tips for renting a car in Costa Rica

Rules of the road: Driving a car in Costa Rica is similar to most foreign countries. We drive on the right side of the road and most of our laws are the same or similar to those in the United States and Western Europe. 

Nonetheless, driving in Costa Rica can be challenging. The mountainous terrain and tropical climate favor heavy rains, fog, and washouts. 

Costa Rica’s roads aren’t always in the best shape. Be ready for steep winding roads, many without guard rails. 

YIELD to the CEDA signs: It is common for mountain roads to narrow to one lane before bridge crossings. Look for the triangle CEDA road sign–this means you should YIELD to oncoming traffic. If your side of the bridge does not have a CEDA sign you should still slow down and proceed with caution before crossing. 

Toll roads: Many of Costa Rica’s major highways are toll roads. Try to have at least 10,000 colones (about $7 USD) on hand as you drive. The toll booths on Highway 27 connecting San Jose’s GMA to the Pacific Coast do accept credit cards if necessary.

Theft and security: Costa Rica is a relatively safe country compared to most but crime does exist. Play it safe and park in a parking lot when possible. And never leave valuables in your car unattended or in plain sight. 

Many highly frequented streets will have unofficial guards watching over the parked vehicles for a couple of coins. If there’s anything suspicious about the street or its guard that makes you uncomfortable trust your intuition and find a different spot that looks more secure.

Getting around: Costa Rica is famous for its lack of proper road signage. Most streets do not have road signs although they are named. Highway signage is equally unreliable making it easy to get lost.

Take the hassle out of driving and rent (or bring) a portable internet hotspot. A constant internet connection ensures you’ll always have access to important navigating apps like Google Maps or WAZE. Note that WAZE is the most popular and reliable driving app in Costa Rica. 

Adobe’s internet hotspots are portable and can connect up to five devices at a time for a low daily rate. 

Insurance in Costa Rica: Renters in Costa Rica are required to have supplemental insurance in addition to the mandatory third party coverage. 

We highly recommend choosing our Extended Protection Coverage or SPP. Adobe’s SPP is an additional service that can save you thousands of dollars in the event of a collision or other damages to the rental car. 

In addition to providing 24/7 roadside assistance throughout Costa Rica, Adobe’s SPP includes:

  • Zero deductible coverage.
  • Your insurance coverage is extended up to $2 million per event.
  • Vandalism damages to the car, including tires and windows, are covered.

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