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Arrecife Beach: Tropical Paradise Near Puerto Viejo, Limón

arrecife punta uva

Experience this beautiful golden sand beach and crystal clear sea located 20 minutes away from Puerto Viejo in Limón

It wasn’t easy to discover Arrecife beach. The first time we visited it never stopped raining. That day it was impossible to photograph this magical destination, that in a way is similar to Punta Uva but also has some traits of Manzanillo, two of the most beautiful places in the Costa Rican Caribbean province of Limón.
Arrecife it’s hidden in-between these paradisiacal locations, like a treasure that combines perfectly the beauty of both places: the palm trees and golden sand from Punta Uva; the little spots among the trees that seem like small beaches just like in Manzanillo.

arrecife punta uva
Arrecife beach

We went back to Arrecife on a Saturday, during our rainy season. Might seem ironic, but that’s how it is in the Costa Rican Caribbean. In the summer it rained, but in the middle of green season the sun came out and finally we got to see the beach.
Weather in Limón is absolutely unpredictable, it might be uncomfortable for some visitors because it often rains. Although, there’s a very positive aspect about this: everything looks green, always.
Before we made our way to Arrecife, we stopped in Puerto Viejo, the most popular beach town in Limón and basically the main reference point in the area. From there, it’s only a 20 minutes drive to get to this beach.
Puerto Viejo, reflects exactly the Caribbean essence, with colorful and open infrastructure. It has a lot personality, and its own and unique vibe. In its surroundings is found the majority of hotels and restaurants in the area, as well as the best beaches of the Caribbean.
Arrecife. Those 20 minutes between Puerto Viejo and Arrecife felt very short. Great conditions of the roads and dozens of trees that frame the way, like a jungle that protects the essence of the zone, made it such an enjoyable journey.
Tourists often rent bicycles and enjoy the view while they bike to all the beaches that little by little appear on the side of the road.
For example, Cocles beach with all the surfers and it’s waves. Magnificent and full of color, perfect for a summer walk.
Then different paths open on the left side of the road. One takes to Chiquita, the other to Punta Uva, two beaches that are worth visit.
Be careful to not get lost, the direction signs are hard to see. Is better if you use the following , so you can get directly to Arrecife.

arrecife punta uva
Playa Arrecife

After making a left, you’ll have to drive for at least 10 minutes down a ballast street, until you see the coast.
Finally, we arrived! It’s Arrecife. A fabulous spot to spend the day. The palm trees and robust trees that surround the beach offer great shade.

On this place the sea is an incredible turquoise color and the waves intensity is moderate. The sun allows you to enjoy the best beach view.
Arrecife has a main access, but as you walk in you can notice as different spots open for you to rest in privacy. There’s also opportunity to swim and snorkeling.
It’s a destination that captivates from the very first moment. Discover Arrecife beach, a marvelous spot, very close to Puerto Viejo.

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