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Discover Isla Tortuga, Costa Rica, with Adobe Rent a Car

isla tortuga costa rica

There’s so much to see and do in Costa Rica that deciding where to go can be challenging. Rest assured, it’s hard to go wrong. No matter where you travel. 

This little Central America country is packed with nature and wildlife. Each region has a unique climate and geography with distinct animal and plant species. 

Visitors can travel into the steep mountain peaks of the central cordilleras. Explore the country’s steaming volcanoes – each with its own personality and eruptive history. And enjoy their mineral-rich hot springs and hiking trails.

Forests cover most of the country. Most are dense rainforests, jungles, or misty cloud forests at higher elevations. While transitional and coastal forests are found along the Pacific shoreline and drier regions.  


Isla Tortuga, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica

What makes Costa Rica famous, however, is its beautiful beaches and warm ocean waters. And since it’s bordered by both the Pacific and Atlantic, there’s plenty of coastline to go around. 

And one of the country’s favorite beach destinations is the little archipelago Turtle Island (Tortuga Island, Costa Rica).

Sitting just off the western coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, the small cluster of islands is quick and easy to get to and only accessible by boat. 


Isla Tortuga, Costa Rica tours

Tortuga Island tours are generally full day tours that depart from several destinations along the Pacific Coast. 

Choose the closest departure point from where you are staying. Options from the Nicoya Peninsula include Montezuma, Tambor, and Curu National Park. 

A tour to Isla Tortuga from the mainland can be arranged from Puntarenas on the Gulf of Nicoya. Further south tours are available from Herradura and Jaco beaches on the Central Pacific.


Visit Tortuga Island with Adobe Rent a Car

At Adobe Rent a Car, we have 14 full-service offices located across the country. We offer one-day rentals if you only need a car for a day trip. Just remember that you can only get to the island by boat.

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From San Jose its best to book a tour to Tortuga Island that leaves from Puntarenas. The trip takes approximately 1:45 minutes, depending on your departure location and the local traffic.

We recommend using a navigational app like WAZE when driving in Costa Rica. WAZE provides up-to-the minute driving and traffic conditions throughout Costa Rica.

At Adobe, we want your trip to be the best experience possible. We rent portable internet hotspots and other accessories at low daily rates. Our hot spots can connect up to five devices at once. And because they’re portable, you can be take them with you as you travel to ensure you’re always connected. 


Snorkeling Isla Tortuga 

A Costa Rica Tortuga Island tour is highly recommended for people of all ages and abilities. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities or just relax under a beach umbrella on the island’s white sand beaches.

Loungers, umbrellas, kayaks, SUPs, jet skis, and even a banana boat ride are available.

The ring of islands create a protected bay of calm waters perfect for numerous water sports. Most tours combine activities, including snorkeling or scuba diving around the inshore rocky reefs. 

 The warm Pacific waters are home to a plethora of marine life. Divers will usually see several types of fish, manta rays, sea turtles, and the occasional dolphin or octopus.

Divers can explore three small shipwrecks not far from the island. It’s a great opportunity to spot larger marine species. Whales and some sharks frequent the deeper waters offshore. 

If you’re lucky you may even spot a whale shark. The shy creatures are common in the area during certain months. 


Spend the day at Tortuga Island

Every trip to Costa Rica should include a visit to Tortuga Island. In addition to snorkeling and scuba diving most tours include food and beverages. Your boat captain and his crew will prepare a hot Costa Rican lunch, fresh fruit, and snacks once you reach the shore. 


Meals and beverages are served picnic-style in long tents under the palm trees along the shore. 


Each tour provider is different and offers different levels of service. You can choose from traditional to gourmet experiences depending on the provider. Some of the larger operators even have live music onboard.  


One Costa Rican and visitor favorite is the Catamaran Isla Tortuga Costa Rica tour. The tour usually departs from Puntarenas or Playa Herradura near the Marriot Los Suenos Resort. This party-boat-style adventure is popular among the young at heart, looking to mingle with other patrons.


Things to do at Tortuga Island


If the white sands, turquoise waters, snorkeling, and water sports aren’t enough, you’re in luck. Visitors can hike the island’s short but steep trails to their peak for a spectacular Pacific Ocean panorama. Or take a glide through the treetops on a thrilling canopy zipline adventure.

The island is full of wildlife. Peccaries, peacocks, iguanas, and several types of exotic chickens walk freely among the guests. While macaws and parrots squawk from the treetops above. 

A couple of beach volleyball nets are set up along the beach, with balls available for rent. Or bring your own and enjoy a game of beach soccer (football). A favorite local pastime. 

Don’t miss a tour of Isla Tortuga on your next visit to Costa Rica.

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