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Rent a Car for vacation packages, Costa Rica

So you’ve just booked your dream Costa Rica vacation package! Now it’s time to look for the right in-country transportation. 

When it comes to making the most of your holiday, remember these essential tips: You don’t want to spend precious time traveling on public transportation. And you don’t want the limitations that come with shared or private shuttle services. 

After all, you still need to get around once you’ve reached your final destination. 

Who wants to hail a taxi after a hot and sandy day at the beach? And what if you’re going to visit somewhere remote? Like that secluded bay the hotel’s concierge told you about. Or that trailhead that leads to a fabulous waterfall. 

Car rental vacation packages, Costa Rica

Nothing beats the freedom that comes with having your own car. You’re the master of your own destiny!

And the benefits are endless.

Leave when you want. Change course if the whim hits. Discover those hidden gems on your terms. And listen to your type of music with the windows down or the AC blasting – it’s your car, after all.

 Most of all, feel secure that your family and belongings are always with you.

Choosing the right rental car

We know there are several car rental companies to choose from in Costa Rica. Many are big international franchises like Budget, Economy, or Enterprise. When you rent from them, it’s not easy to get personalized service.

And they may not know the country or terrain like the locals.

Others are small operations that may have unreliable cars or poor customer service. Such businesses are known to trick tourists with hidden fees and undisclosed mandatory charges.

Adobe Rent a Car – your best option

Why is Adobe Costa Rica’s best option for best car rental vacation packages?

First off, we’re a 100% Costa Rican-owned company. We’ve been leading the national car rental industry for 30 years!

Our employees are native Costa Ricans who know the country inside and out. They can help you choose the best vehicle for your itinerary, share travel tips, and even recommend where to find the most delicious local cuisine.

There are 15 full-service Adobe offices in Costa Rica. Each one is strategically located close to popular tourist destinations and both international airports. Our agents are bilingual, and many speak more than two languages. 

We also have Costa Rica’s largest and newest fleet of vehicles to choose from. For the best rental car in Costa Rica, Adobe has you covered. 

The best Costa Rica vacation packages 2021

The Government of Costa Rica takes COVID-19 seriously, and so does the tourism industry. Hotels, tour providers, and car rental agencies are required by law to follow strict health and sanitation guidelines to keep visitors safe. 

Most Costa Rica tours & vacation packages combine visits to several popular attractions. As you probably know, nature and beautiful beaches are the biggest draws. Close to 30% of the country is protected to preserve the vast plant, animal, and marine biodiversity of the national forests, wetlands, and ocean habitats. 

Expect that your itinerary will include a visit to at least two or more national parks. A comprehensive trip to Costa requires a scenic road trip between destinations. 

But rest assured, you’ll also get plenty of R&R. Eco lodges, inclusive resorts, and even mom & pop hotels know how to deliver the best of both worlds. Luxury spas, yoga, swimming pools, and hot tubs are commonplace at most accommodations—the best remedy for soothing tired muscles after a day of adventure.

How to book a trip to Costa Rica

The secret to booking an unforgettable Costa Rica vacation is balance. There’s so much to do and see in this little country that it’s impossible to do it all in one trip. 

Plan for visiting more than once or take a staycation of two weeks or more so you can experience as much as possible without stress.

The country is packed with off-the-beaten-track treasures. We recommend you rent a 4WD SUV like the Hyundai Tucson 4WD AT or similar so you’ll always be prepared for any unforeseen rugged conditions. Costa Rica’s secondary roads are notoriously rough. 

The added lift and traction of a four wheel drive vehicle will take the worry out of navigating the mountainous and coastal backcountry.

Top picks for your Costa Rica vacation package

Among the most famous of Costa Rica’s natural treasures are the Arenal Volcano and Manuel Antonio National Parks.  

Arenal is located in the central lowlands near the town of La Fortuna. The volcano’s iconic cone surrounded by rainforest and deep canyons has made it a world center for adventure tourism.  

As a result of the mountain’s geothermal activity, steaming hot springs and thermal rivers are many. As are the dozens of hot springs resorts and wellness spas across the countryside.

Manuel Antonio is located on the Central Pacific Coast and is hailed as the country’s crown jewel of national parks. Despite the park’s small size, it packs a vast abundance of wildlife and some of the country’s most beautiful beaches.

There are literally dozens of fabulous places like these to experience in Costa Rica. And each one boasts a hearty menu of eco-tours to choose from. These include surfing, horseback riding, zip lining, canyoning, hiking, mountain biking, canopy tours, ATV adventures, sport fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and many more. 

How much does a trip to Costa Rica cost for one person or a family?

The best thing about visiting Costa Rica is that it offers something for everyone. 

From backpacker hostels to five-star luxury resorts, just about every budget can be accommodated. The best bet is to plan ahead. Surf the web, ask your friends, and shop around for the right travel agency that fits your particular needs.

An option for travelers with limited spending is to visit during the rainy season. On the Pacific Coast, the season runs from May to November. On the Atlantic Coast, from March through July. Flights and hotels are often cheaper due to the drop in tourism.

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