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Renting vs. Leasing a Vehicle in Costa Rica


We recommend renting vs. leasing a vehicle in Costa Rica. At Adobe, we offer a Corporate Vehicle and Fleet Rental Program for businesses. Our Total Fleet Division offers long-term rental incentives, vehicle management packages, and entire fleet acquisitions. Long-term rental perks include insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, national taxes & registrations, and more.  

Vehicle and fleet rental options – leasing in Costa Rica

At Adobe Rent a Car, we are proud to be a 100% Costa Rican-owned company with nearly thirty years of experience in the rental car market. Through our Adobe Total Fleet Division, we offer long-term rentals and vehicle and fleet management options. 

Tourism isn’t our only market. We have a robust corporate program that serves both local and international businesses operating in Costa Rica. It doesn’t matter if your company is big or small, we have a package, and a vehicle(s), to fit your business’s needs. At Adobe, we take good care of our cars and our clients!

Adobe vehicle renting is an operational lease program that provides everything from single cars to entire fleet acquisitions. Our long-term vehicle rental platform, Total Fleet, currently offers an extensive collection of vehicles. All of which are acquired new and fit the needs and specifications of our clients. 

Our dedicated customer service, impeccable vehicles, and customized leasing packages make us one of the top car rental companies in Costa Rica. 

Forget leasing a car in Costa Rica. Adobe’s extended car rental is your best bet

Many businesses and repeat visitors to the country wonder if it’s better to rent, lease, or buy a car. There are several important benefits to long term auto rentals that outweigh a complicated lease contract or buying your own vehicle or fleet outright. 

Buying a leased car, why Adobe prefers renting over leasing

Purchasing a vehicle or fleet can be extremely expensive, and the financial obligation can paralyze a company’s operational potential. Some businesses choose to lease because the initial investment is only a portion of the asset’s total cost. And most companies offer the option to buy once a predetermined period has passed. However, interest fees and vehicle depreciation incur long-term expenses that can be avoided by choosing to rent.

We at Adobe Rent a Car believe the benefits of long-term vehicle or fleet rentals far outweigh traditional leasing. That’s why we offer the country’s most competitive rental packages available.

By renting, businesses can bypass the financial strain and initial down payment of a lease agreement. The legal and bureaucratic formalities of purchasing a new car are also avoided. This means you’ll have more time to focus on what’s important – your business. 

Vehicle depreciation is one of the most significant drawbacks to leasing a car. With our long-term rental model, your company will have the same vehicle throughout the period and, if required, a substitute car of a similar category, to ensure you’re always driving the most secure and reliable model available.

Pros and cons of renting vs. leasing, Costa Rica

Financing when you lease a vehicle does not account for the asset’s purchase price and depreciation over time. If you decide you don’t want to buy the car once the leasing contract has terminated, the value of your asset will have decreased significantly. 

Leasing also requires the client to cover all maintenance and upkeep fees. When you choose a monthly car rental Costa Rica or longer, Adobe will make sure to keep your vehicle in top shape by providing basic vehicle maintenance. And any excessive wear and tear will be evaluated and addressed by our expert team of body-work experts and mechanics for an additional cost. 

All of Adobe’s 30-day (or longer) car rentals provide comprehensive insurance coverage options. No matter where you travel in the national territory, Adobe has you covered.

The following list of pros and cons will help you decide if renting is right for you or your business. 

The pros of renting your vehicle or fleet – what’s included?

  • Vehicle insurance 
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Basic corrective maintenance (optional)
  • Roadside assistance
  • A substitute vehicle during routine maintenance (optional)
  • Vehicle circulation rights (Marchamo)
  • Technical reviews
  • Valet service when delivering your vehicle(s)
  • Vehicle sales costs included
  • No obligation to purchase

The cons of long-term car leasing, Costa Rica

  •  A 25% down payment of the vehicle’s value is required.
  •  No 0-down car lease options.
  • The vehicle depreciates over time.
  • The client assumes all legal, financial, and mechanical obligations, including insurance, maintenance, repairs, taxes, and inspections. 
  • Gap insurance fees are often included.
  •  Required vehicle inspections (Riteve), circulation rights, and taxes (Marchamo*) aren’t included. *optional
  •  Monthly interest fees.
  • Does not include vehicle transfer or sales expenses.
  • No mid-term fleet renewal options.
  • Contracts are from 3 to 8 years.
  • No short-term car leasing options (6 months or less).

Car hire, Costa Rica – more advantages to renting your vehicle or fleet

Renting your business vehicle or fleet is an option with different advantages and disadvantages to leasing. And some companies opt for leasing their cars because of the acquisition option.

Owning your business’s fleet outright is an attractive concept. However, it requires a substantial initial deposit with banking and legal obligations similar to processing a traditional bank loan.

With renting, on the other hand, no initial deposit is required. This ensures that your business can maintain its financial capacity to invest in other assets or business operations. You won’t have to pay the high-interest rates associated with leasing either. 

Rental fees are also 100% tax-deductible, providing additional savings and write-offs for companies and professionals. 

How renting saves you money over domestic car leasing

Long-term rental contracts are much quicker than the formalization process of a bank’s leasing contract. What’s more, vehicle rentals save the client time and money because government regulation requirements are covered. These include the annual vehicle inspection (Riteve),  circulation rights (Marchamo), vehicle maintenance, and other costs. 

If your budget is tight, Adobe will work with you to determine the car and monthly fee that suits your needs. Our extensive range of vehicles and renting options are designed to serve all commercial, businesses, and personal budgets. 

Vehicle and fleet replacements

The professional staff at Adobe Total Fleet will work with your business to determine the best time for a fleet or vehicle renewal. In most cases, vehicle exchanges and mid-term renewals are done every three to five years. The specific period is determined either by the amount of use a vehicle gets, mileage limits, or a combination of both factors.

Adobe long term vehicle and fleet renting contracts are available for two to five-year periods. 

Expat car leasing and renting

Many frequent travelers to Costa Rica prefer long-term renting over traditional short term rentals. Ask your Adobe Total Fleet representative what the requirements are for foreigners wishing to enter into a long-term agreement. In most instances, foreigners will need to establish temporary resident status to comply with Costa Rica’s transportation and circulation requirements. 

We at Adobe Total Fleet will do our best to understand your needs and find the most flexible and convenient solution available. 

For more information on the benefits of renting vs. leasing, speak with a representative from our Total Fleet department at; +(506) 2542-4800. Or visit the Adobe Total Fleet headquarters in San José:  Barrio Corazón de Jesús, San José, Costa Rica.

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