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Travel Costa Rica with Adobe: Day 5 – Caribbean Indigenous Heritage


This is the best day you’ll spend in the Caribbean because it’s the day you’ll do things most people around the globe don’t even hear about. You’ve got a few options, some of which can easily be combined, and all of which require a car. This time, we’re recommending a Hyundai Tucson.

Costa Rica’s indigenous heritage: The Bribris

For those curious about Costa Rica’s indigenous heritage, head to Bribri and the surrounding reserves. (Please be sure to book this visit ahead and bring a guide, as the villages are difficult to access).

After passing through the shopping town of Bribri and perhaps grabbing some delicious gallo pinto at “Restaurante Bribri”, make the first stop, Bribri Waterfall, by following the GPS instructions for the Bribri Waterfall turn and Bribri waterfall parking, which is really just some guy’s house. Ask for detailed directions if you don’t have a guide – it’s tricky to find.


From there, shop for masks and indigenous crafts at “Artesania Okkua”, a small souvenir hut after the paved road ends. Continue on to Shiroles, where you can observe the “Mujeres de Chocolate” operation.

Then, if you’re curious about day-to-day life, visit the dock in Suretka. It’s a center of commerce where villagers boat in to trade agricultural products and drink fruit juice out of plastic bags.

From here, cross the river, admire the verdant hills, and follow signs for Bambu, the launching point for visiting the remote and pristine Yorkin village (this overnight trip needs to be booked in advance with a guide).

On your way back east, stop at the unassuming Casa de Fran Vazquez. He’s self-taught artist whose acrylic landscape paintings are well-known in San José. After, head back to Puerto Viejo and enjoy the rest of your afternoon having a drink or two at the Azul beach club in Playa Negra.

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