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What to Do in Limón downtown? Don’t miss out on any of these places…

What to do in Limon downtown?

Adobe Rent a Car has offices all throughout the Costa Rican territory. This is a great plus for getting a hands-on experience in the most amazing tourism spots in the country. And Limón is the best showcase of beaches, cultures, foods, and places you can drive to. Here are some of our recommendations of what to do in Limón downtown.

Limón: A Medley of Cultures

Limón is a coastal province, which means it is a melting pot for both native Costa Rican and Caribbean cultures. And in the city of Limón, the best way to get a whiff of this cultural mix is with food. You can find typical Costa Rican dishes such as gallo pinto, empanadas, casados and coffee. You can also find Caribbean-tinted variations like rice and beans (with coconut milk), fried bread fruit (yaca fruit) and even ackee fruit with salt fish.

Which takes us to the Limón Farmer’s Market. Here you can find fresh fruit and vegetables, and also medicinal plants and flowers. But the small mom&pop restaurants surrounding the market are the best food samplers you can find. Home-cooked style typical meals, at a great price, all in a single place. Don’t forget to try them all!

Now that those hunger pangs have been taken care of, let’s get to the awesome sites.

Great Sites in Limón

Since the city is located on the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica, it takes the confusion out of what to do in Limón. Island spotting, a waterfront amphitheater, a cruise port, and a coral reef on your way to the beaches. It is a colorful assortment of places to enjoy, at a stone’s throw.

You can stop by the Vargas Park, Limón city’s main park. This park has the oldest Royal palms in the country! The park is located right next to the cruise port. If a cruise ship happens to be docked, you can go into the dock area and get souvenirs.

You can also visit the waterfront amphitheater, at the Malecon. There is also a square there, from which you can spot Uvita Island. This island was named Quiribi by Christopher Columbus, but its original name was Cariai. Get a Churchill (crushed ice with kola syrup smothered in sweet condensed milk) while you’re at it!

If beaches are your thing, take a ride along Limón’s coral reef coast and stop by Playa Bonita. Relax and then get some awesome food at its Quimbamba Restaurant.

You can also enjoy the beautiful Tortuguero National Park experience. The well-known park is famous for its turtles and turtle sightings. You can get the 3-hour tour that departs from the Tortuguero Taxi Boats shuttle dock and then keep going.

Come Enjoy Limón!

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what to do in Limón, let us help you out! We have great vehicles to make this trip a breeze. We can recommend a Hyundai Creta or Tucson; both are vehicles really cut out for this ride. All our vehicles are selected with your safety and comfort in mind.

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