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Six hidden beaches in Costa Rica: Attractions and tips to enjoy these virgin spots


You can expect anything from Costa Rica. One beach is different from the other and, sometimes, the least expected destinations hide magical spots.

Although the reality is that many corners of our country shelter little-known places of great beauty.

Of course, it is likely that you will have to overcome a long trail or go into small beach towns to discover the unspoiled beaches that we will show you below.

Cabo Blanco beach, Cóbano


After walking a long trail in the middle of the forest, it’s time to cool off on this white sand beach, soft waves and crystal clear water located within the Cabo Blanco National Reserve, at the Nicoya Peninsula, a 40-minute drive from Montezuma.

In this beach the paradisiacal environment stands out.

To enjoy this experience to the fullest, it is advisable to wear beach shoes or sandals. It is also preferable to visit this site in the morning, as it will take you more than two hours to walk to the beach. But it’s worth it, don’t give up.

If you want to visit Cabo Blanco, I suggest renting the GPS navigation service. This will allow you to travel safer, without getting lost and discover other spots in the area. 

Remember that around Cóbano there are dozens of hidden spots, small hidden corners, small local restaurants and cafes.

Pleito beach, Santa Cruz


 Right next to San Juanillo in Guanacaste is Pleito beach. A virgin spot and just as extraordinary as its neighbor. It is characterized by white sand and gentle waves, which is combined with a large vegetation and huge stones surrounding the beach.

It is a suitable place for snorkeling or relaxing under the shady trees. Before enjoying this site, you will have to walk from San Juanillo for about 10 minutes at low tide.

Blanca beach, Nicoya Peninsula


Blanca beach on the Nicoya Peninsula lives up to its name. The sand is really white. This spot features gentle waves and a coastline surrounded by trees and palm trees that provide shade along the shore. 

Remember that this beach in particular belongs to the Nicoya Peninsula, as Costa Rica has more than five different spots with the same name.

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Curú beach, Paquera


If you visit Curú beach at low tide, you will find a huge spot with a gentle swell, perfect for a swim. Curú beach belongs to the Curú Wildlife Refuge on the Nicoya Peninsula. It is the only one out of three beaches of this natural destination that is not accessible by boat.

 Just by entering the Refuge and paying the entrance fee, you can enjoy this spot surrounded by trees, which looks like a swimming pool. Most of the time it is desolate.

This beach is beautiful and perfect to visit with the family, as it is a protected area with a lot of diversity, in a quiet environment. 

In case you visit this destination with your baby, I suggest you ask about car seats, as they are mandatory in Costa Rica. This way you can transport your baby and leave any worry at home.

Corozalito beach, Guanacaste


This stunning Guanacaste beach guarantees privacy and tranquility. Corozalito has unique conditions: it is a beach that is still virgin during most of the year, it offers good conditions for surfing and at certain times of the year olive ridley turtles nest. 

Corozalito beach has light gray sand, few rocks and currently carries the Ecological Blue Flag, which means among other good things, that it is a clean spot.

Cuarzo (Pink) beach


Cuarzo, also known as Pink beach, stands out because its white sand has a slight pinkish tone, due to the small powdered shells that shine in the sun. It is a virgin beach with gentle waves located in Nosara, Guanacaste.

 Its name comes from the shiny stones known as quartz, which can be found while walking on the sand. It has lots of rocks and crystal clear water, a perfect spot for snorkeling.

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