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Nature and surf, the perfect mix: Discover magical beaches in Costa Rica


You might ask yourself: what is the prettiest beach in Costa Rica? Well, the answer is not that simple, because extraordinary elements converge in Costa Rican beaches. For surfers, waves captivate, but most of the visitors get amazed by the magical beaches surrounded by nature in Costa Rica.

From Grande beach, surrounded by the green essence of national parks like Las Baulas National Marine Park, to Dominicalito with its intense biodiversity.

Explore five dream spots that mix Costa Rican nature and surf.

Grande beach, Guanacaste

True to its name, Grande beach is magical in many ways. It belongs to Las Baulas National Marine Park, located just 12 miles away from Playa Flamingo, a destination of enormous beauty due to its vegetation and natural attractions.

For example, Grande beach receives Leatherback turtles every year, which lay their eggs in this imposing spot of white sand with huge waves.

It is a captivating destination that attracts dozens of water sports lovers every year, including surfers of course. Explore the nature of this protected area and, by the way, enjoy a unique surfing spot.

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Negra beach, Guanacaste


Near other popular destinations in Santa Cruz, such as Avellanas beach, this spot stands out for its incredible waves, in the middle of a charming environment.

It is a spot recommended for surfers with an intermediate or advanced level, although the beach is enjoyable from the moment you touch the sand.

Surrounded by trees, this beautiful beach is perfect to spend the day and then enjoy an incredible sunset, while surfers soar in the sea.

Dominicalito beach, Southern Pacific


The landscape itself is eye-catching, as it mixes the essence of the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, where colorful birds and vegetation of the tropical environment embrace the tourist through a special synergy.

It is a wild place, with trees surrounding the coast and a multicolored sky over the Pacific Ocean.

For surfers, the beauty impresses. The waves are extraordinary and nature can be perceived in the sounds, thanks to the intense biodiversity.

Frijolar beach, Marbella


Although it is known as Marbella, its real name is Frijolar beach. In this destination in Santa Cruz of Guanacaste the sand is gray, waves are strong and the road leading to the beach is hidden and private.

You will have plenty of spots to park your car in front of the sea and enjoy this place, perfect for surfers who want to enjoy the waves in solitude.

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Montezuma beach


Montezuma at the Nicoya Peninsula has a beautiful white sand beach surrounded by rocks on both sides and incredible waves for surfing.

The turquoise color of the water joins the rest of the features to give it a special touch. Montezuma is just 10 miles away from Santa Teresa & Malpais beach, and it’s a beach town where the party atmosphere prevails at night and the ‘rasta’ culture.


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