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See the Country in Style – Luxury car rentals in Costa Rica

Despite Costa Rica’s wild exterior of roaring rivers, grumbling volcanoes, steep mountains, dense jungles, and miles and miles of unspoiled coastline – the country boasts a growing sophisticated side. 

The natural beauty that draws so many thrill-seekers also enchants visitors looking for class and refinement. In fact, Costa Rica is quickly earning a reputation as a unique luxury travel destination. 

The little country is home to several world-class five-star resorts. Most are hidden deep within the rainforests, along pristine white sand beaches, or high in the mist-covered cloud forests. Each lodge, B&B, or all-inclusive hotel offers something special and unique to the Costa Rican market.  

Rent a car in Costa Rica

There are several ways to experience everything the country has to offer. Most people prefer to rent a car rental in Costa Rica. Some visitors choose to fly with one of the national in-country flight providers. And some even prefer to hire a private driver or use a luxury shuttle service.  

But at the end of the day, the freedom that comes with renting a car can’t be beaten.

So, if you’re wondering, “Where can I rent luxury cars in Costa Rica?” check out Adobe Rent a Car. We’ll give you a detailed review of the premium cars we offer. 

Luxury vehicle rental companies

Who offers luxury car rentals in Costa Rica? The answer is, there aren’t many car rental companies that offer Range Rovers, Rolls Royce, or other exotic car rentals in Costa Rica. However, you will find several premium car rentals. Because of the country’s sometimes rugged terrain, most people choose to rent a reliable 4WD SUV for getting around.

When traveling through Costa Rica you’re likely to encounter steep mountain roads from the five mountain ranges running the interior from north to south. It’s also likely that you encounter dirt roads along the coast. And depending on the season, washouts and potholes are possible. For these reasons, if you plan on visiting several destinations, it’s best to choose reliable rental cars with high clearance over low sitting sports cars.  

Luxury car rentals available in Costa Rica

Make sure to research what the road conditions are like where you’re going. In particular, if your heart is set on driving something fast and fancy like a convertible Jaguar, Porsche, or Ford Mustang. 

Also take into consideration that Costa Rica is a tropical country, and rain is a regular occurrence. For the driest weather, the best time to travel in the Central Valley and on the


Pacific Coast is during the dry season between December and May. On the Atlantic Coast, the best weather is in September and October.  

No matter what part of the country you’re in, however, daily rain showers are likely if you’re staying in or near a cloud or rainforest. 

The best road conditions are in bigger cities like San José and Liberia as well as in popular tourist destinations. These include La Fortuna (home of the Arenal Volcano), the northwest Pacific Coast (home of many five-star resorts), the Central Pacific Coast (home of popular destinations like Jaco Beach and Manuel Antonio), the South Caribbean Coast (home of Puerto Viejo), and along Highway 2 through the Talamanca Mountains. 

The roads leading to the country’s national parks are generally well maintained. Close to 30 percent of Costa Rica is a protected area, national park, or wildlife refuge. 

Visiting one or more of these fascinating destinations is highly recommended. However, make sure to consult your hotel’s concierge or rental car agent about the road conditions ahead of time. Especially if you are driving an low or convertible luxury vehicle.     

It’s also a good idea to ask about security if you plan on driving an exotic car to the beach or town. Costa Rica is considered one of the safer countries in Central America. However, petty crime and theft do occur—more so in areas frequented by tourists and in the inner cities.

Adobe, a prestige car rental in Costa Rica

We at Adobe Rent a Car have the country’s biggest and best fleet of vehicles. All of our cars are less than two years old and come from the best car manufacturers available. 

We also have 13 full-service rental locations located strategically throughout the country. No matter where you travel, there’s sure to be an Adobe Rent a Car office nearby.  

As mentioned previously, most luxury rentals will fall under the luxury SUV or luxury sedan categories in Costa Rica. If you want to rent luxury cars, we offer the spacious and state of the art Luxury SUV Ford Explorer and the Standard Elite Chevrolet TrailBlazer 4WD SUV. 

A luxury Sedan like the mid-size Hyundai Elantra is also perfect for around the Capital City, San Jose, or at one of the more popular destinations on the coast or in the interior where the road conditions are best. 

Optional extras are available at Adobe too. Surfers love the surfboard and luggage rack as well as the beverage coolers. Keep your family happily entertained with an Adobe Internet Hotspot, which can connect up to five devices at once. All extras are available for a low daily rate.

 Staying safe on the road 

We at Adobe Rent a Car think your vacation or business trip should be the best possible. We want you to avoid unforeseen delays or additional costs if you encounter problems on the road. Especially if you’re driving a luxury vehicle.  

That’s why we offer Extended Protection Coverage (SPP) for all of our cars. Adobe’s SPP provides nation-wide 24/7 roadside assistance. In addition to full coverage for up to $5 million per event, including tow truck service. What’s more, vandalism damages to the car are covered, including to the tires and windows. 

We also offer GPS systems and local cell phones with national coverage. You’ll have access to Waze, the country’s preferred navigational app. Waze updates its information based on continual input from its tens of thousands of users so you’ll always have access to updated road, traffic, and weather conditions. 

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